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Insomniac Games Provides ‘Wolverine’ Update After Cyber Attack

Insomniac Games has provided an update on the development of their⁣ upcoming title, Marvel’s Wolverine, after a ⁣recent cyber ⁣attack. The attack was reported by the studio earlier this week and it had caused major disruption to the development ⁢of…

Destiny 2′ Provides The Non-Raiders With An Alternative For Legendary Farming – Forbes

‍ Destiny⁤ 2, ⁤the eagerly ​awaited sequel of the original⁣ Destiny game, is⁢ finally here ⁣and providing players with new​ ways of playing. One of the most popular features of Destiny ⁣2 is the​ Legendary Farming feature, ⁢which offers players…