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Pokémon Sleep: Monetizing Your Sleep Cycle

Pokémon Sleep: Monetizing Your Sleep Cycle

Pokémon fans everywhere were excited to hear last April that the beloved franchise had a new game up its sleeve, one that promised to “help make waking up and living healthier, more enjoyable lives.” The game, Pokémon Sleep, aims to reward players for getting a good night’s sleep by allowing them to grow and level up their favorite Pokemon.

The idea is simple: use a small tracking device, such as the existing Pokemon Go Plus +, or a phone app to track the amount and quality of your sleep. When you wake up well-rested, you are rewarded with in-game bonuses, such as rare items, extra battle points, or even rare Pokemon.

The thought behind this innovation is to bring positive reinforcement to the idea of getting a good night’s sleep. Players will get a reward for taking care of themselves each night, instead of simply being punished for lethargy or lack of sleep. By appealing to the Pokemon fanbase, it is hoped that this game will help create healthy sleep habits and instill positive attitudes around getting a good night’s rest.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of such a game, Pokemon Sleep offers one more advantage to its players. The game can be monetized directly through the app, enabling fans to purchase sleep-tracking devices, or even in-game items to help with their journey.

By leveraging their influential brand into a game which encourages healthy sleep habits, The Pokémon Company has promised to create something truly revolutionary. With the potential for more involvement from the player base and more content from The Pokémon Company, this could become one of the most popular and successful apps of all time – and a great way for fans to get healthier without spending too much money.


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