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Cyberpunk 2077’s ‘Phantom Liberty’ Reaches Momentous 5 Million Players Milestone

Cyberpunk 2077’s ‘Phantom Liberty’ Reaches Momentous 5 Million Players Milestone

CD Projekt Red’s ⁢smash hit Cyberpunk 2077 ​has reached a momentous 5 million players milestone‍ in its⁣ own game mode, ⁢ Phantom Liberty. Launched on PlayStation 4,‌ Xbox‌ One and PC last month, the game mode quickly drew claims of being one of the most popular and successful RPG first-person shooter titles of the year.

This milestone comes just⁤ weeks after the game was released, making it ⁤one‌ of the quickest titles to cross this‌ 5 ⁢million players mark in such a short ⁢period‌ of time.

The‌ game mode, Phantom Liberty, is a post-apocalyptic type of narrative‌ where players bring a group ⁤of survivors of a cyberattack to safety.⁢ Players must fight‍ off ⁤hostile⁣ forces while also ⁢tracking down‌ and collecting‌ information on a mysterious government project that could ⁣help them ⁢return⁢ control to ⁤their‌ city. Players can choose from four⁣ different classes of ⁤characters: the Enforcer, ‌the Hacker,​ the Outlaw, and the Mercenary.‍ All of these have‍ their own specific ‌abilities and strengths.

CD Projekt Red’s studio‌ head, Adam Kicinski, shared his excitement for the success of the game: “We’re thrilled to see our game ‌and the Phantom Liberty mode brought to life in such an unexpected way. It truly demonstrates ‌the power of our team’s relentless creativity and ⁣continuous commitment to perfecting our work.”

This ⁣is the latest success for CD Projekt⁣ Red, a company that has established itself as a ‍leader in the gaming industry ⁤with its well-crafted works ⁤that ​provide​ an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience. It is clear that the ⁢studio’s vision and enthusiasm is ‌something to be admired ⁤by all gamers.


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