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Hide Embarrassing PC Games From Friends With Steam’s New Feature

Hide Embarrassing PC Games From Friends With Steam’s New Feature

Steam is⁤ one of the most popular gaming⁤ platforms in the industry with ‍plenty of users around the world. It recently⁤ rolled out a‌ new feature that allows users to hide ⁤embarrassing PC games they ⁢have purchased from friends.

Hiding⁢ embarrassing games from Steam wouldn’t prevent anyone from seeing them on your profile, but it would prevent them appearing in ⁣game libraries, or on your wall, ​or in friend’s recommendations. This ⁢helps users keep their gaming library a bit more private.

Why It’s Useful

This ‍feature is helpful for those who don’t want their ⁣profile⁤ to be clean or flashy, ‌but also don’t want to show off⁤ certain games. For example, a user mightying to ​hide, say, games ​featuring embarrassing graphics ⁢or gameplay. With the⁢ new Steam feature, users can customize their gaming library the way they want.

How To Access It

In order to access the feature, users simply have to go to their library, select a game they want to​ hide, and‌ choose‌ “Set Categories” from the upper-right menu. Once the game is hidden, it will no longer appear in the game library, and won’t be seen‌ by friends or other users.


Steam’s new feature is a great way to hide embarrassing PC games from friends. It allows you to‍ keep your library private and⁣ customize it the way you want. If you have games you don’t want to show off, make ⁢sure to hide them using Steam’s new feature.


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