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The Frog Detective Solves All: A Whimsical Whodunnit Review

The Frog Detective Solves All: A Whimsical Whodunnit Review

⁢If you’re looking for ‍a whimsical whodunnit that’s sure to make you ⁢smile and keep you ‌guessing, ‌The Frog ⁣Detective is for you. Starring the eponymous detective as he solves a string of humorous cases, this indie game is a ‍delight from start to finish. While the ‌game isn’t ⁢as robust as its AAA counterparts, it more than makes up for its brevity with charming characters, witty dialogue, and vibrant set pieces.

The Frog Detective’s gameplay is fairly straightforward‍ – ​you investigate a‍ crime scene, looking for clues to solve the case. Along the way, you’ll meet a host of ‍amusing characters and bumble your way through smartly written dialogue. Though the game centers around ⁣the titular detective, he’s⁤ often accompanied by his sidekick, an anthropomorphic badger. As the two investigate the scene, the badger’s sardonic‍ wit provides‍ plenty of comic relief.

Presentation-wise, The Frog Detective is a visual treat. Its bright, ​cheery art style brings its characters and environments to life, while its tight, focused soundtrack only enhances the game’s upbeat atmosphere. It’s also‌ worth noting that the game can be completed in 4-5 hours, depending on your sleuthing skills.

While The Frog Detective’s brevity does leave something to ⁢be desired, it’s hard⁢ not to appreciate ⁤its charming production values and smart writing. It’s‌ the perfect game for ​anyone looking for a delightful detective romp with a whimsical twist.


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