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Microsoft Joins NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Platform

Microsoft Joins NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Platform

Microsoft recently announced that they will be joining NVIDIA’s GeForce Now cloud gaming platform. GeForce Now is the game streaming service that lets users play their favorite PC games on any device, with no need to download and install each game. By joining this platform, Microsoft is making their popular Xbox games available to a wider range of gamers, and taking advantage of the growing trend of cloud gaming.

Microsoft’s games have been available to stream on Google Stadia, but by joining GeForce Now, users will now be able to play Xbox games on Macs, PCs, and NVIDIA Shield devices, with just a click of the button. In addition to the hundreds of available games in the GeForce Now library, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also accessible, providing a huge library of more than 100 Xbox games from both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

According to NVIDIA, they already have ten million members across the world playing on GeForce Now, all of whom will be able to now access Xbox games such as “Gears 5,” “Halo: The Master Chief Collection,” “Forza Horizon 4,” “Sea of Thieves,” and “Minecraft Dungeons.” Furthermore, current subscribers to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will also be able to access this service and its games directly through NVIDIA’s platform.

NVIDIA has implemented a range of enhancements to their platform to support Microsoft’s arrival. These include cloud-saves for Xbox game progress, Xbox Live achievements and Xbox Live friend presence. The platform also supports Microsoft’s Smart Delivery technology to ensure gamers get the best version of their games, on the best device, with no additional cost.

Microsoft’s move to join the GeForce Now platform underscores the growing importance and impact that cloud gaming is having on the industry. It provides users with more options and greater accessibility to games, with no need for download or installation. With both Google Stadia and Microsoft’s Xbox streaming service now under the GeForce Now umbrella, the platform is increasingly becoming the destination of choice for gamers.


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