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Unwrap the Excitement of RPS Advent Calendar 2023 on December 1st!

Unwrap the Excitement of RPS Advent Calendar 2023 on December 1st!

Are‌ you excited for the RPS Advent Calendar⁤ 2023? ⁣We are! December 1st marks the start of the festivities and to help⁢ you begin counting down to ⁣the big day, we have a special range⁤ of fun activities ⁣planned. So let’s start unwrapping ⁣the excitement!

There’s something special in store for all ages ​- from music workshops, scavenger hunts, ⁣dancing sessions and board game tournaments, to Christmas​ readings and educational talks. Refresh your memory with​ a special RPS Advent Calendar crosstalk quiz, and get a headstart ⁢on planning for the future with insightful seminars on career planning and personal‌ finances.

In addition to the exciting fun-filled activities, there’s much⁤ more to discover. Take a virtual tour to visit stunning⁣ venues ⁣across the ‍country, and get involved with the special ‘In Your ⁢Own‍ Community’ project, a creative‌ initiative aimed at making⁤ a difference locally. As the⁢ calendar reaches a close, don’t miss the RPS’s ⁣grand finale event – an unforgettable night‌ of live entertainment.

So join us and enjoy an unforgettable, ‌festive experience⁢ from December 1st to 24th. Keep an eye out‍ for the calendar – it’ll be⁣ released soon – and start​ planning your advent adventure today! We can’t wait to see you at⁢ RPS Advent Calendar 2023!


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