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Fortnite Creators Show No Mercy: 26 Emotes Banned from Competitive Play

Fortnite Creators Show No Mercy: 26 Emotes Banned from Competitive Play

The popular battle royale game Fortnite has been a massive hit since its release in 2017. Now, Fortnite players are facing some major changes as Epic Games announces it is banning 26 emotes from competitive play. This has sparked debate within the Fortnite community as some view the new policy as overly restrictive.

The emotes taken out of competitive play are considered distracting. Of the banned emotes, several involve dancing, such as “Take The L,” “Tidy,” and “Squat Kick.” The emotes can be used to celebrate wins or counter opponents in the middle of combat. According to Epic Games, these emotes “detract from the competitive environment and can pose fairness concerns.”

The ban has caused some controversy among players. While some believe the ban is necessary to keep the playing environment focused, others don’t feel the emotes give players an edge. The company has also made adjustments to voice chat and in-game acoustics to reduce background noise, which has also been considered distracting.

The popular battle royale game will continue to monitor the competitive experience for any unfair advantages that may arise from the new rules. Regardless of opinion, it seems that Fortnite creators are dedicated to maintaining a level playing field for all competitors.


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