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Put Game Mechanics to the Test: 8 Challenges Harder Than the Final Boss

Put Game Mechanics to the Test: 8 Challenges Harder Than the Final Boss

If you’re looking for a real challenge in gaming, then you need to take it further than just beating the final boss. Creating or trying out a few game mechanics or obstacle courses can be a great way to up the difficulty and put your skills to the test. Here are 8 challenges that may even be harder than the final boss.

  • Time-restricted Levels – For a real challenge, try a time-restricted level. You’ll have to think and move quickly in order to gain a high score or beat the level.
  • Stealth Gaming – Avoid being detected and make it through the level unnoticed. This requires keen observation and the ability to adjust strategies quickly and quietly!
  • Maze Puzzles – Get lost in a twisty-turny maze puzzle that tests your spatial reasoning and maneuvering abilities.
  • Racing – Not only do you have to think quickly, you’ll also have to take speedy and accurate turns without getting yourself stuck!
  • Multi-tasking – Test your ability to multitask in a game that requires you to manage multiple tasks at once.
  • Platforming – Master the physics of jumps and landings and take your platforming experience to the next level.
  • Memory Games – Improve your short-term memory and recall with games that require the memorization of patterns.
  • Parabolic Puzzles – Learn the principles of parabolic motion and fire at the correct angles to get through the levels.

These are just 8 of the many ways you can test your skills and push yourself to the next level. Whether you’re a master gamer or just looking for a fun challenge, putting game mechanics to the test could be just what you need!


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