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IGN’s Review of ‘Please Don’t Destroy’: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain

IGN’s Review of ‘Please Don’t Destroy’: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain

IGN’s Review of ‘Please Don’t Destroy’: The Treasure of⁣ Foggy Mountain

Please Don’t Destroy is a captivating and emotional platformer about a group‌ of intrepid magic-users who are out to save their beloved home of Foggy Mountain. Developed ‌by ‌Funky​ Ruby Games, ⁤the title will take⁣ you on‌ a​ journey of ‌discovery – and destruction –​ as you ‌explore a world of dire peril.

The art direction of Please Don’t Destroy is ⁣top-notch. Every area of Foggy Mountain feels​ alive and vibrant with its lush environments and hand-painted visuals.⁤ The little details ⁤are where ‌Please Don’t⁢ Destroy truly shines, with its dynamic lighting effects and ⁣detailed animations ‍for the characters and objects.

In terms of gameplay, Please‍ Don’t Destroy follows a classic platforming formula⁣ with a few ⁤unique twists. Players can switch‌ between two playable characters – Claw and Fang – as they traverse the treacherous mountain.⁣ Claw ⁤is capable of sneaking around enemies, while Fang uses her brute strength to quell them. Both characters must work together to manipulate objects in the environment and create ‍new pathways.

The levels ⁤in Please Don’t⁣ Destroy⁣ are well designed and challenging. Each stage is ⁣filled with different enemies, obstacles, and traps, as well as hidden items that can be used to upgrade your characters’ powers. There​ are also a few⁤ unique puzzles that must be solved in order to progress ​through the game.

All in ​all, Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain is an entertaining platformer‌ with ⁤great art design and challenging levels. It may not be the most innovative⁢ game ‌out there,⁣ but it⁤ is certainly a worthy addition to ⁣the genre. If you are looking for a lighthearted adventure, this title is worth checking out.


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