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Exploring Global MMORPGs: Interview on the Development of Throne and Liberty and Competition with Amazon and NCSOFT

Exploring Global MMORPGs: Interview on the Development of Throne and Liberty and Competition with Amazon and NCSOFT

In the rapidly evolving online gaming industry, many of the world’s largest MMORPGs are striving to stay ahead of the competition. Among the top players are Throne and Liberty (TL), Amazon and NCSoft. These three entities have been battling for a significant share of the market for a good number of years. Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with the executive team behind TL to gain some insights into the development culture that drives TL and its journey in the global MMORPGs market.

A key factor that TL recognizes as advantageous is its ability to leverage on technology and modernize the game itself. “We are always looking for ways to innovate and upgrade the game so that it appeals to a wide audience,” the TL executive team captures. TL’s vision has led it to develop and deploy seamless integration with the most advanced virtual reality technologies and online media networks. Characters and storylines can be easily streamed onto all major platforms to give the game structure and depth. “We want our fans to be able to explore the game in its entirety, allowing them to really immerse themselves in the gaming environment,” the team expressed.

The TL team further highlighted that the game was created using both game engine and game design elements. They have taken the use of 3D environments and augmented it with high fidelity audio and video. The team is also incredibly creative when it comes to adapting and innovating the game. “We always try to make sure the game looks good, feels good, and plays better,” said the team. Furthermore they have also executed cross platform campaigns and have constantly engaged the popular social media platforms

When asked about the level of competition in the global MMORPG market, the TL team was quick to point out the fierce battle they have been waging against Amazon and NCSoft. “Our strategies are very different from the competition. We believe in creating a unique gaming experience for our players and having a unique style that sets us apart. We have invested heavily on making sure our game remains at the cutting edge of the industry,” the team said.

Despite the competition, the TL team maintains an optimistic outlook. “We are constantly developing and adding new features to the game to keep up with the industry trends. We are confident that we can remain competitive in the global MMORPG arena ensuring the game is constantly evolving and improving in quality,” the team concluded.


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