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Epic Prioritizes Rock Band Controller Support for Fortnite Festival

Epic Prioritizes Rock Band Controller Support for Fortnite Festival

The smash hit rhythm game Rock Band by developer Harmonix is now ​being prioritized by game⁤ developer Epic Games for controller support in its flagship game, Fortnite. ⁣The game developer announced that it is now focusing‍ its efforts on ‌bringing the classic Rock Band controller support to ⁣Fortnite’s upcoming festival in the coming weeks.

The⁢ integration of Rock Band controller⁣ support for Fortnite Festival is intended to provide a more immersive and interactive ⁢experience for the players. Players will be able to ‍use the iconic plastic instruments to play along with the music and interact with⁤ the⁢ scenes ‍and characters. Additionally, the controller support ⁤will ⁣enable players to utilize⁢ virtual whitespace that will become available as a result ⁤of the feature.

The introduction of Rock Band controller support within Fortnite Festival comes at a time when the ⁣game is being released just before the massive gaming event. Epic Games described that the ‌goal is to‌ provide ⁤players with ​a more holistic gaming‌ experience that includes ⁤both ​music and gaming.​ With the introduction ​of Rock Band controller support, the festival will be able to combine the two elements ‌of the game.

The integration of Rock ⁤Band controller support⁤ into Fortnite Festival shows ⁢the developer’s commitment to​ engaged players. Epic Games stated that its goal is to make the game as immersive and interactive as possible, and incorporating Rock Band controller⁣ support is just one of the steps it is taking to make that iteration truly successful.


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