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The Rock Paper Shotgun Guide to Solving the Starfield Mantis Puzzle

The Starfield Mantis puzzle is a tricky but rewarding challenge, especially when you’ve been playing for a while and ⁢need an extra challenge. It’s a game-within-a-game, where you ‍have⁣ to use‍ the arrows on⁣ your ​controller or keyboard ⁢to navigate…

Turtle Rock Teases Possibility of New ‘Left 4 Dead’ Title

Today Turtle Rock​ Studios‌ dropped ​a ‍cryptic but ‌exciting message ⁤via Twitter for fans of their ⁢popular ​zombie game Left 4 Dead. A short‌ video showed a montage of classic ​Left 4 Dead imagery ‍and ​music, ‍providing ⁣a strong hint​…