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Bungie Bringing the Universe of Destiny to Life With Incredible $300 Textbook

Bungie Bringing the Universe of Destiny to Life With Incredible $300 Textbook

Bungie, the company⁣ behind the Destiny video game‍ series, is taking its franchise to the next level with the release ⁣of their first-ever, limited edition textbook. The Destiny Universe: A Primer 2002-2017 will offer Destiny fans​ an in-depth look at the lore and characters that make up the⁤ world of Destiny.

The book was created and published by Bungie in partnership with Insight Editions and⁢ weighs just over five-pounds, making it the largest‌ and‌ most comprehensive tome ever published ‍for the‍ franchise and⁤ likely the most expensive, at a cost of $300. Many of the book’s ‌authors have worked directly on the Destiny games, including senior writer Jason‍ Harris, game director Christopher Barrett, and content design lead ‍M.E. Chung.

The​ Destiny Universe book will cover a variety of areas, ‌from‍ history to characters ⁤to the philosophy of the game, and will feature previously unpublished artwork and hundreds of ‍images from the games. The text provides an in-depth look into Destiny’s stories, art,⁤ characters, operations, adventures, enemies, and more, featuring exclusive interviews with Bungie developers.

The book will also ​include⁣ a poster, a metal eye plate featuring ⁢a Cabal Centurion, and a code to unlock an exclusive in-game item — the Submachine Gun Toolkit. This item is an upgrade to a‍ standard Exotic weapon in​ the game and will make the weapon more powerful.

With ‍the Destiny Universe: A Primer 2002-2017, Bungie is providing Destiny fans with an⁤ unprecedented and in-depth look ‍at a beloved and expansive ‍universe. The book is a must-have for longtime Destiny fans, and a great way for ⁢new players to catch up on ⁣the game’s story.


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