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Cliff Bleszinski Sees Bright Future for Gears of War with Reboot Modeled After God of War

Cliff Bleszinski Sees Bright Future for Gears of War with Reboot Modeled After God of War

Cliff Bleszinski, creator of⁣ the Gears of War franchise, has expressed his⁢ enthusiasm​ for ⁢the potential of the Gears of War ⁣IP to reach new ⁣heights‌ with the release of the‌ upcoming reboot. Bleszinski is especially excited for the God of War-inspired reinvigoration of ⁣the series.

Bleszinski, who served as creative director for the first three Gears of⁣ War games, has been vocal with his excitement for​ the potential of the upcoming entry. ‌Describing it as a “God of War vibe,” Bleszinski believes that⁤ the series⁣ has the potential to break new ground.⁤ “I think it’s the right time to take‍ Gears and do something unexpected”.

The prospect of a decked out Gears of War experience, one with an accessible narrative and exciting gameplay⁣ that can draw in existing fans and newcomers has Bleszinski optimistic. He also hopes ⁤the game‍ will be featured prominently in the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 reveals.

With the groundwork already⁢ laid down for a new⁤ storyline, longtime⁤ Gears of ​War fans can look forward to⁤ further exploration of the series’ iconic characters ​and their stories. Word of a possible Kratos-esque character⁣ being a focus of⁢ the game has been circulating, setting the stage for some exciting possibilities.

The new Gears‌ of War game is scheduled to launch⁤ in⁢ 2021 and develope The Coalition have ‍promised‌ to put the⁣ development resources into making it an unforgettable experience for players. This is reassuring news⁢ for fans who may have initially⁢ felt wary of the change of creative direction.

All in ‍all, the prospect of a Gears of ⁢War reboot modeled after the esteemed​ God of War series has made its creator‌ Cliff⁤ Bleszinski, and fans, all the more excited as the‍ game’s release date draws nearer. It’s fair to say that the stereotypes that have been associated with the series⁤ for many years could⁤ be completely overthrown with ⁤the upcoming ‌game.


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