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Red Dead Redemption Leak Suggests Possibility of Remaster – GoNintendo

Red Dead Redemption Leak Suggests Possibility of Remaster – GoNintendo

A possible leak surfaced today that has gamers all ​over the world‌ buzzing with excitement. According to Twitter user @JakoMako51, a Reddit‌ thread discussing a⁢ possible remaster of the very popular game Red Dead⁢ Redemption has appeared. The speculation ⁤began based on⁢ a job listing that was posted⁣ earlier this⁤ month by Rockstar⁣ Games‌ for an Old ⁣West environment artist.

The posting noted the ⁤job could involve “enhancing and updating various levels” from an older title. While the‌ original posting made no indication of which game the work was for, many fans have assumed that ‌the listing is for a Red Dead Redemption remaster. The‍ Reddit thread had initially linked to the job ⁤listing as evidence, ‌but the post⁣ has ⁢now been removed.

Rockstar has yet to comment⁣ on the speculation but it has⁤ been enough to get the fan base very fired up. The original Red Dead Redemption, released in 2010, ⁣was ⁢widely regarded as a ⁣groundbreaking game at the time and is still⁤ highly regarded today. It won several awards and was the highest rated game⁤ of 2010 by the review aggregator site Metacritic.

If a remaster does become a reality, it could be quite the treat for fans of the classic Western. With the last ⁢installment in the Red Dead series, Red Dead Redemption 2, coming out in 2018, ⁢there is good reason for Rockstar to ⁢revisit the classic title.

Red ⁣Dead Redemption has always had a very active fan community and the possibility of a remaster has only increased‍ the level of excitement. With few good⁣ news stories these days, and the gaming community in desperate need of some ‌positive news, a possible Red Dead Redemption remaster would be‌ very welcome!


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