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Beat the Heat and Prep for Fall with Humble’s End of Summer Sale

Beat the Heat and Prep for Fall with Humble’s End of Summer Sale

It’s almost time ⁣to say ⁤goodbye to ​summer, and Humble‌ has the perfect way⁢ to usher in the new season. From now until August 15th, a selection of the best end‍ of summer PC and mobile games ​are up to 75%⁤ off with the Humble End ⁣of Summer Sale. The sale includes PC gaming classics⁢ like The Witcher 3, ‍mobile⁢ hits like Lumino City, fantastic indie ‍titles perfect for any ‍season like ⁤ Stardew Valley, and much more. Plus, there are also bundles filled with multiple ‌games all at a great ​value.

No matter what type ​of game ‌you prefer⁤ – ⁣from ‌open world exploration to captivating puzzles​ – the Humble End of Summer ‌Sale has you covered. Save big on hundreds​ of titles ⁤for PC, Mac, Linux,⁢ Android, iOS, and even Kindle devices. Plus, if you’re looking to build your collection, Humble Choice subscribers get ‌a whole new lineup with up to an additional 20% discount.

The Humble End of Summer ⁤Sale isn’t just about⁢ games, either. You can also ‌show your support for charities with proceeds ⁢going to supporting organizations​ around the world. Pick up a game or ⁤two and give back at ​the same​ time ⁣- what could be better than that?

With ⁣games like Ori⁤ and the Blind Forest, The Witness, and Virginia all ​part⁢ of ​the Humble End of Summer Sale, now is the ⁣perfect ⁢time to beat‍ the heat, stay inside, and enjoy some of the best games the season has to offer.‌


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