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British Esports Addresses Backlash Over Saudi Esports Partnership

British Esports Addresses Backlash Over Saudi Esports Partnership

The British Esports Association responded this week to recent backlash over its recent partnership with the Saudi Arabia General Sports Authority. In a statement released earlier this week,​ the Association promised to‌ continue ⁣to‌ help support ‌the “esports landscape‍ and ecosystem in Saudi Arabia” while coaching and⁣ developing both amateur and professional gamers.

The partnership between British Esports and Saudi Arabia ​was⁤ met ‌with criticism, mostly originating from UK-based esports organizations. Some accused the Association of partaking in activities antithetical to ​its core values, such as silencing conversations about human rights violations and selling out for a large sum⁤ of ⁤money.

However, British Esports has fired back at ​these claims, arguing that it is in a unique situation and that ‍this partnership is the best way⁣ to grow the esports landscape​ in​ the‌ region. The Association defended their decision, claiming that the promotion ​of the region’s esports scene is a more important priority than vocalizing any political dissent.

In addition, British Esports states⁤ that their ⁤partnership with Saudi Arabia has been exquisitely⁤ planned, with every step carefully analyzed⁣ to ensure that ‍nothing goes⁣ against their core values or⁤ mission. The​ Association stated‌ that it ​has a lot⁤ of work to‍ do in terms ⁢of education and ⁤development and that its recent partnership with‍ the‍ General Sports Authority will help to strengthen esports’ presence in the region significantly.

The ​British Esports Association ‍is the first organization ‌in ⁤the UK to openly enter a‍ partnership of ⁤this magnitude with the GSA. This move has ‌been ⁤met with strong support from other ⁢esports​ nations and organizations. With British Esports leading the way, the region‌ is sure to see a higher level of esports development.

The‍ British Esports Association has ​responded directly ‍to the criticism, stating that ⁢it is invested in building a strong esports industry​ in the region and stands by its decisions.⁤ Despite the backlash, the ⁣Association is determined to⁢ support esports⁣ growth in Saudi Arabia⁣ and to help develop both amateur and professional gamers.


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