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Capcom Sets Date for Highly Anticipated Ace Attorney Trilogy Remastered Release!

Capcom Sets Date for Highly Anticipated Ace Attorney Trilogy Remastered Release!

Capcom has just ⁤announced the official release ​date for⁤ the‍ long-awaited Ace⁢ Attorney Trilogy⁢ Remastered. Fans of the beloved series can now mark ⁢their calendars for April 9th, 2021, as the game officially ⁢launches for the Nintendo Switch. The remastered version of‌ the‍ classic Phoenix Wright series‍ will feature upgraded HD visuals and added content, allowing players to experience the gripping courtroom drama in a whole new way.

The Ace Attorney ⁢Trilogy Remastered ‍will feature the first three games in the series — Ace Attorney: Justice for All,‍ Trials and Tribulations, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney ​– all remastered for the Switch. All three games are fully optimized to⁣ run smoothly in HD, and will feature newly added ⁢content such as new animated cutscenes and artwork.

The game will come with a variety of additions designed​ to make the ‌experience even ​more enjoyable. The original Japanese voices are all included as an option, as⁢ is ​dual audio support. The game also ‍includes Touchscreen ⁢support for both the Switch and the Switch Lite, allowing for a⁤ new way to interact with ‌the⁢ characters ⁢and objects in the courtrooms.

The Ace ⁤Attorney Trilogy ‍Remastered will be available both digitally and as a physical ‌version, with the physical​ version coming with some extra bonuses. Those⁢ who purchase the physical version ⁤of the game ​will receive ‍exclusive cards featuring the characters⁤ of the series.

The Ace Attorney Trilogy Remastered ⁢is the⁢ perfect way for fans to rediscover the classic courtroom drama series. With its updated ​visuals, added content, and extra bonuses, it’s sure to ⁢be an experience that⁣ fans of the series ⁤won’t want ⁣to miss. Be sure ‍to ⁤mark your ⁣calendars ‌for April 9th, 2021 ⁢when the game officially ⁣launches on the Nintendo⁤ Switch.


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