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Sunsoft Announces Crowdfunding Plans to Bring Classic Famicom Titles to Switch and PC

Sunsoft Announces Crowdfunding Plans to Bring Classic Famicom Titles to Switch and PC

Sunsoft is a company well-known for its classic Famicom titles, and the company has just announced plans to bring them back with the help of crowdfunding. This move shows Sunsoft’s dedication to preserving its legacy, as well as to providing classic titles for modern consoles.

Sunsoft is teaming up with game developers, offering multiple options for supporters to get involved. Supporters have the opportunity to donate via Kickstarter or through an official crowdfunding page on the Sunsoft website. Depending on the amount contributed, donors are rewarded with exclusive merchandise and bonus content.

The company has made clear that the goal of this project is to bring some of its classic Famicom titles to both the Nintendo Switch and PC. Sunsoft promises to preserve the original content and challenges the audience to re-experience adventures with updated graphics, sound, and other improvements.

Moreover, Sunsoft announced that players will also be able to check out its new titles coming to the Nintendo Switch, such as “Battle City EX”. This title will be exclusive to the Switch, and perfectly suited to the console’s extensive library of classic games.

In its press release, the company also made sure to express its gratitude to fans who have supported the company throughout the years. Sunsoft’s President Shigetoshi Matsuyama said, “At Sunsoft, we strive to bring our nostalgia to the present and beyond. This project is our way of giving our fans the ultimate gaming experience. To show our gratitude, we ask our fans to join us on this journey by crowdfunding and showing their support.”

The excitement among gamers has been growing since the announcement. Players looking to play classic Famicom titles on modern consoles have something to look forward to. With extra content and feature, paired with updated graphics and sound, these titles are sure to make their mark.


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