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Diablo 4 Pre-Orders Begin on Steam Ahead of Valve Store Launch

Diablo 4 Pre-Orders Begin on Steam Ahead of Valve Store Launch

Diablo ‌4 Pre-Orders Begin on Steam Ahead ⁢of Valve Store Launch

The ⁣long-anticipated⁢ launch of the highly-anticipated role-playing game Diablo 4 is fast approaching, and ⁢eager fans can now begin to pre-order ⁢the game on Steam ahead of its launch‌ on April 2nd. This is the first time that Blizzard has ⁢allowed PC‍ gamers to pre-order a‍ game on the Steam platform, ‌and‍ the​ company is hoping that this ⁤will boost the game’s sales and overall appeal.

Diablo 4 is the fourth ‍installment in the‌ iconic Diablo ‍series, a franchise ⁤that has been captivating players since 1996. Despite the twenty-four-year ​gap between Diablo and ‍ Diablo⁢ 4, the game retains the classic hack-and-slash dungeon⁣ crawling formula ‌while introducing an array ⁢of new features, including a larger open-world environment, new ⁢character classes and enemies,‍ an improved story, and​ new social features.

The Steam pre-order⁢ has been priced at £49.99 (or regional ⁢equivalent) for the Standard Edition and⁢ £59.99 (or regional equivalent) for the Digital Deluxe Edition. Those ⁣who pre-order the Digital⁣ Deluxe Edition will gain access to digital rewards, such as a Petrifying Gaze pets, a portrait ‌frame, a few⁢ of ‍the of‍ the game’s wings, as ‌well as a‌ few other cosmetic items. Furthermore, pre-orders on the ‍platform also‍ come with the additional benefit‍ of access to the⁣ game’s recent closed beta.

Once the‍ Steam pre-orders come to an⁣ end, the Digital Deluxe Edition of Diablo 4 will be available to ​purchase on the official‍ Valve Store on April 2nd.‍ This edition of the‌ game will include exclusive ‍in-game content such as ⁣a World of Warcraft-inspired pet, a Trag’Oul Winged​ Protector pet, and a pair ‍of cosmetic‍ wings that can be used in-game.

To learn more about this⁤ upcoming⁤ game and the various pre-ordering options‍ visit​ the official website of ⁤Diablo 4 for further details. ‍


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