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Bethesda May Take ‘Starfield’ Beyond Its Expansion With Live Content

Bethesda May Take ‘Starfield’ Beyond Its Expansion With Live Content

Rumors have been ⁤swirling that Bethesda may be planning‍ to take ​its‍ upcoming sci-fi adventure game, Starfield, beyond its expansion with the addition of live content. While⁤ nothing ‍is set in stone yet, the idea of⁢ taking the game beyond its ‌original premise has⁤ been a popular ‌topic on various gaming ​forums, with fans discussing possible ways for the game to evolve.

One​ of the most‍ obvious ways in which Bethesda could take Starfield beyond its expansion is by adding regular updates and patches. This⁣ allows Bethesda to ‌constantly​ add new features to the game, as well as patch up any bugs or glitches that have⁤ been discovered by players. This⁤ type of update will help to keep the game fresh and⁤ interesting for players and could create opportunities ​for a variety of new content, from new missions and characters to new locations and stories.

Another way‍ that Bethesda could take Starfield beyond its expansion⁤ is by ⁤releasing downloadable content (DLC). This type of content is generally available‌ as additional packs ‌of content released at a⁤ later date for an additional fee. This content could include anything from new characters and levels ⁣to brand new ⁣missions⁢ and adventures. With the addition of DLC, Bethesda could provide players⁤ with a great way to continuously experience what Starfield has to offer, ⁤and⁤ it could even be used⁣ to‍ introduce new concepts or storylines to the game.

Bethesda ‌could also take Starfield beyond ⁤its expansion by bringing⁣ the game to different platforms. While the game is currently ⁣confirmed for the Xbox One and PC, it ‍could be possible to ⁤launch it on other ⁣major gaming ⁢platforms, such as the PlayStation 4‌ and Nintendo Switch. This would provide the game‌ with access⁤ to‍ a larger audience,⁢ while also making it easier for players to enjoy the game regardless of their platform of choice. Additionally, a console or mobile version of the game could also open the door to ⁤new features and experiences that ⁢would take Starfield to the next level.

Finally, Bethesda​ could also look‍ into new ways to maintain an active player base for Starfield. This⁤ could be done by introducing in-game events or challenges, and by regularly releasing new content packs or bundles.⁣ Additionally, Bethesda could introduce a​ season pass ⁢system which would allow players to pay for access to a variety⁢ of content packs, and could then be ​released through frequent updates. This could ‌keep the game fresh and new for players, and encourage them to come back again and again to experience⁣ what Starfield has to offer.

At this point, it’s impossible to know‍ how exactly Bethesda will⁤ take Starfield beyond its expansion. ‌However, by introducing regular updates and⁣ patches,‍ releasing DLC, bringing the game to different platforms, and offering innovative ways ‌to maintain‌ an active player base, it’s possible‍ that Starfield could become an incredibly successful ‍game in its own right. ‍Only time will tell.


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