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Sonic Free Riders Now Playable Without a Kinect, Thanks to Fan Modding

Sonic Free Riders Now Playable Without a Kinect, Thanks to Fan Modding

Sonic Free Riders Now Playable⁣ Without a​ Kinect,⁣ Thanks ‍to Fan‌ Modding

The 2010 racing ⁣game “Sonic Free ‍Riders”, released⁣ specifically for the Xbox 360’s Kinect ​motion-sensing peripheral, is ⁤now available to‍ play ⁤on a PC ‌without the need for any extra⁢ hardware.

The game,⁣ developed ⁣by Sonic Team, originally included massive⁤ interactive‌ motion-controlled‌ levels and⁤ challenges that ​players could tackle by themselves or ​with ​up​ to‍ four ⁤players ⁢in multiplayer. ‍The game has been⁢ considered by ‍nostalgic fans as one of the ​great ⁤Sonic⁤ spin-off titles,‌ with ‍a unique‌ and interesting ​playstyle.

Unfortunately, the ⁢nature of the Kinect⁤ at the⁣ time (and even in the present ​day) ⁤limited its​ availability, and eventually Sonic Free ⁢Riders ‌faded away​ over time.

But‌ due to ⁤a⁢ persistent community of third party developers and modders,⁢ the game can ⁢now ‌be experienced‍ on PC with ⁢mouse and ⁤keyboard. The PC version ‍enables ‍Force ‌Feedback and textures⁤ up‌ to 4K. For those running with weaker ​machines, it’s ⁣possible to​ render the game at⁢ 1080p with all​ textures‍ intact.

It’s been a⁢ dream ⁤for fans of the game ⁢to ​be‌ able ⁢to‌ relive⁤ some ⁤of‌ the‍ memorable moments⁣ seen ‌in⁤ Sonic⁢ Free ‍Riders. ​The⁤ newly released mod enables⁢ them⁢ to do just that,⁣ without ​having to‌ purchase​ any ‌extra ​hardware or accessories.

The ‍mod was released​ this month⁢ and includes all the ⁣original‌ tracks,⁣ comments‍ and⁤ references, unlockable‌ items, customizations, and characters. An additional ⁣online multiplayer mode‌ is also provided,⁣ featuring cooperative races and ⁤time ⁤attack​ challenges.⁢

To ​join the Sonic Free​ Riders‍ modding community and download ‍the mod, check ⁣out their ‍website‌ here. ‍


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