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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player Creates Mechanical Hestu Using In-Game Resources

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Player Creates Mechanical Hestu Using In-Game Resources

Players of the highly acclaimed⁣ game, Zelda: Breath⁣ of the Wild, are known for their⁣ ingenuity and creativity. Recently, one⁤ dedicated and⁢ determined player created something extraordinary with the resources available in-game – a functional mechanical‍ Hestu.

Hestu ‌is an aptly‍ named character in the Zelda universe, a ⁣large Korok – a race of ⁣tiny magical beings – who is⁢ found ⁣in the‌ Korok ⁣Forest, and is known for‍ his unique appearances, love of⁤ singing, and‍ sure enough⁣ the large ⁣bags of stamina he carries‍ with him. The Korok-based character has become an iconic figure in the Zelda⁤ universe ‍since his first appearance in The ​Legend of Zelda: Breath‌ of the Wild. ‍

This particular player took it upon themselves ​to​ dedicate their time and resources to creating a fully‍ functional, ⁣mechanical replica of Hestu ⁣– an⁤ impressive feat given the‌ limited items and resources‌ available in the game. The replica is‍ a combination‍ of several in-game elements, including ‍an iron talus, a rock and ​some metal⁣ crates.

The player then used the in-game mechanics to bring the replica to life. Utilizing the Sheikah slate and the apps associated with it, the player was able to program‍ the replica to sing, just‍ like‌ the real Hestu.

The player⁤ also programmed the⁣ replica to move using elements ⁤of the in-game physics⁣ engine.⁢ With a little tinkering and software, the replica was able to move around the game’s world, rolling‌ around like a loaf of bread ‍in a shopping basket.

This⁤ impressive feat of programming is being ⁤lauded by many ‍in the Zelda fan⁢ community for⁣ its ingenuity and ambition. The​ player who created the replica has ​proven just how much can be done with the game’s resources – and the possibilities are only limited by the ingenuity of the players⁢ themselves.


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