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K-Pop Inspired Skins Unveiled for Overwatch 2 in Le Serafim Music Video

K-Pop Inspired Skins Unveiled for Overwatch 2 in Le Serafim Music Video

South Korean music‌ sensation Serafim unveiled a brand new⁣ music video promoting their ‌collaboration with Blizzard Entertainment and their upcoming Overwatch⁢ 2 video game. The music video,⁤ entitled “Le Serafim,”​ showcased a variety of K-Pop inspired skins ‍and characters that‍ will be available as exclusive rewards for Overwatch 2 players.

The music video was billed as ​a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. ‌Featuring the⁤ band, ​which consists of four singing avatars, ‍the video was​ accompanied by a selection of original Overwatch-inspired visuals. Fans were treated to an unprecedented view of the upcoming K-Pop ‍inspired skins for the game’s characters.

The video opened ‍with a look ‍at ‌a sleek and stylish Tracer wearing a black leather jacket, ⁣a pair of black thigh-high ​boots, and silver-colored accessories. Next up was Ashe, who​ was artfully dressed in ​a ⁣revealing white dress paired with a sleek black belt⁤ and a long black coat that ‍had been adorned with ​feathers‍ and glitter. Finally, ‍Reinhardt showcased a militaristic look ⁢with‍ a green and ⁢black jungle-inspired getup, ⁣complete with a menacing gold face ⁢mask.

The music video also ‍featured some of the other skins that will be available in Overwatch 2. These included an eye-catching pink and purple getup for Pharah, a futuristic purple and blue ensemble for Zenyatta, and a⁤ chic white and gold look for Widowmaker. The video concluded with appearances from the gamers’ ⁣favorite heroes, including ​Mercy,, ‌and Reinhardt, all dressed in outfits inspired by the band.

The collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and Serafim, ⁣announced in August of 2020, has⁣ been hailed as a groundbreaking⁤ merging of K-Pop‌ and video games. The music video is a testament ​to their partnership, showcasing the ​unique design of the game and the creativity of the music group. Fans are eagerly anticipating the launch of Overwatch 2 and the unveiling of even more K-Pop inspired skins.


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