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Steam Price Threshold Changes Could Impact Small Developers

Steam Price Threshold Changes Could Impact Small Developers

The online store platform Steam,‍ released by Valve in 2003, is one ⁤of the largest and⁢ most ‌accessed gaming platforms. Recently, ‍the minimum price required for games sold on this platform ⁢increased, causing developers to​ worry⁣ about the further​ impact it will have on their business.

The new price threshold, which started in January ‌2020, ⁣states that all single-player games must be⁢ sold ​for 4.99​ USD or more, while ⁤multiplayer games⁣ must be priced at ‍19.99 USD or more. Games that are not priced within these thresholds will no​ longer be sold on the ⁢platform.

The major impact this⁢ has had on small developers is that, given the higher price requirements, ‍they are not ⁢able to ⁢make as much ⁣profit as questions the overall worth and success ‍of ⁢their investment when creating a game.​

Some developers argue that this price threshold⁤ change can cause a monopolization of the market, ‌as smaller developers won’t be able⁤ to compete with large companies on the financially accessible ⁢prices.

The lack of access to the platform’s large ​userbase can also drastically⁣ affect developer communities, as players won’t be‍ able to experience​ the same game as the ⁢rest of the players. ⁤Furthermore, ‌steam often provides updates which⁢ allow players to experience new​ patches and game events, meaning that the success of⁣ a game‍ can drastically decrease if the developers don’t have access to these updates.

Overall, this change⁣ in Steam’s pricing thresholds could ‍have an immensely negative effect on ⁢small developers, greatly reducing their chance to make a profit and to make their‌ game as enjoyable as possible. It ‍is ⁤important‍ for‌ the gaming community to recognize and understand the consequences‍ this could have.


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