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Assassin’s Creed Mirage Players to Receive Welcome Relief with Chromatic Aberration Toggle

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Players to Receive Welcome Relief with Chromatic Aberration Toggle

Rejoice​ Assassin’s Creed:⁣ Mirage Players, as‌ You⁤ Will Now Have Access​ to the Chromatic Aberration Toggle

Ubisoft recently announced‌ that the players of‌ Assassin’s Creed: Mirage‍ can now enjoy⁣ a much-relieved experience due to ⁣the​ addition of the Chromatic Aberration Toggle. This ‌toggle ⁣will let players turn off⁤ the ⁤visual effect of Chromatic ⁣Aberration and make the game even more enjoyable to play.

For those who ‍are unfamiliar with Chromatic Aberration, it is an ⁣artifact of an image or video display where a misalignment of ‍the chromatic subpixels causes a rainbow-like fringing effect ⁤along the edges of the objects in ⁣the frame. This effect can be quite distracting and can‌ hamper the overall experience of⁢ the game.

The newly added ⁣feature will not only make the game⁣ more enjoyable for players, but it ⁣will also reduce ​the strain on their eyes and ⁢the PC hardware. While ‌this is a welcome addition, there ⁢is also the issue of the possible FPS drop that ​could be caused by‌ the ‌toggle. But ‌Ubisoft has ​assured players that‌ the FPS drops won’t be too noticeable if you enable the toggle on‌ a high-performance system.

In addition to the Chromatic Aberration Toggle, UbiSoft is also⁢ introducing a ​new graphics‌ mode ⁢for the game. This new mode is called “Optimal Quality”, which will⁣ tweak various ‌graphics settings to get the highest quality visuals while still maintaining a good FPS. This includes settings like anti-aliasing, ambient occlusion, and texture filtering.

Overall, the addition of the⁣ Chromatic Aberration Toggle and the new Optimal Quality mode​ is​ great​ news ‍for the Assassin’s‍ Creed:‌ Mirage ⁢players. With these two​ additions, they will be able to experience ⁤the‌ game without any distractions and can finally enjoy ‍the game to the fullest.


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