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XQc Challenges Nadia’s Support of Pokimane Over High “Cookie” Prices

XQc Challenges Nadia’s Support of Pokimane Over High “Cookie” Prices

Highprofile gamers have been making headlines lately‍ for their‌ antics during live video streams. Recently, Twitch‌ streamer ‌ XQc made a controversial accusation directed at fellow streamer ⁤and friend ‌ Nadia. XQc challenged Nadia’s support of Pokimane’s recent increase in prices on‍ her store, claiming that her “cookie” prices are ⁤too high.

Some viewers believed that XQc was trying to discredit Pokimane and her streaming ‌career, as the two have had a tumultuous relationship in the past.‍

Many members of the Pokimane fan base quickly came to her⁣ defense, claiming that prices in her store are fair and ⁢that XQc was simply⁢ trying ‍to stir​ up drama. Nadia stands by the notion that Pokimane is ​running⁤ her⁣ store how⁣ she sees fit, and that XQc should respect that.

Regardless of whether or not XQc’s remarks were motivated ⁤by something​ malicious, the two streamers have clearly moved past it, and they remain good friends. In a post on Twitter, XQc clarified that he only meant to express his opinion on the matter, not ⁢maliciously attack Pokimane.

Whether XQc’s comments were ⁣well-intentioned or not, ⁣it’s clear that ⁢Nadia remains supportive of her friend Pokimane.


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