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Massive Map Expansion Unveiled in ‘Escape From Tarkov’ 0.13.5 Patch Notes

Massive Map Expansion Unveiled in ‘Escape From Tarkov’ 0.13.5 Patch Notes

Battlestate Games Have ‌Unveiled a Massive Map Expansion⁢ for Escape From Tarkov Version 0.13.5

Battlestate Games have ⁢released Version‍ 0.13.5 of Escape from Tarkov,
which features ⁢a massive expansion of the game’s maps. The most significant of these features
are the expansion of Customs, which has expanded to over three times the original size.⁢ The ‍
expansion includes an entirely new section of the map called the wood processing area and ‍
includes several new points of interest. This brings the map to a total of⁢ six points of interest
that players can scavenge and fight over.

In addition to the map expansion,​ there have been several other changes to​ both gameplay and
visuals. The graphics have been improved significantly, with more ⁢detailed textures and
lighting ‌effects. A new atmospheric fog system has‌ also ⁢been implemented, adding‌ new ambience‍
and depth to the game’s environment.

Players can ⁣now utilize a wide range of game ‍settings, such as cosmetic customization, CPU
performance‌ and CPU priority settings, and ‌texture quality to better suit their individual⁣
hardware. These settings will also significantly improve the game’s overall performance on
lower end⁤ systems. Finally,‍ health and safety warnings have been added in-game, such ⁢as
falling asleep in game can damage ⁣the player’s ⁣character.

Overall, the 0.13.5 patch for Escape from Tarkov features a massive map expansion that adds a
whole new area to explore, along‌ with an array of improvements and tweaks. This is sure to
provide Escape ⁢from‍ Tarkov with plenty of replayability for its players, and keep them engaged
for⁤ hours.


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