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Rashid Potential Unleashed in New Street Fighter 6 Footage!

Rashid Potential Unleashed in New Street Fighter 6 Footage!

It looks like the Street Fighter 6 community can look forward to seeing some new footage from “Rashid” soon, as the potential of the character has been teased in a recent tweet from the account of the game’s Producer, Tomoaki Ayano. The tweet features a screenshot of the game’s main menu featuring a new Rashid’s character portrait, along with a simple note that reads “The hidden potential…”.

The character of Rashid has quickly become popular since his debut in Street Fighter 6 and many top players have been looking forward to further exploring his abilities. From what we know so far, Rashid appears to be a fast paced character with an unpredictable style of play that relies on mix-ups and pressure. His moveset is based around his signature cyclone attack and he has access to powerful anti-airs and other unique moves.

Given his current popularity, it is no surprise that Street Fighter fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the upcoming footage of Rashid. The footage will likely reveal more insight into his playstyle and allow players to get an idea of how to use him to their advantage in the game. We expect to see some exciting moments featuring Rashid and can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming Street Fighter 6 footage to see the potential of the character fully unleashed!


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