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Xbox Exclusive Replacement Delayed: ‘Too Risky to Release Untested Game’ -IGN

Xbox Exclusive Replacement Delayed: ‘Too Risky to Release Untested Game’ -IGN

A recent announcement from Microsoft has​ confirmed that the upcoming Xbox exclusive replacement game has been delayed. This announcement comes days after initially reports ‌that the game was​ close to completion.

The delay was announced after Microsoft’s gaming division conducted a general assessment of the‌ game’s completion and found that due to bugs and other‌ issues, the game was too‍ risky to release untested. The ⁣statement from Microsoft said that while the game was ‍close to completion, they ⁣felt​ that delaying the launch was the best option for keeping a good relationship with customers.

The game, which was slated for release in the fall, now⁣ has no set release date as Microsoft has stated that ⁢more time ‌is needed for development. The Xbox exclusive replacement has been in development⁢ for a few ⁣years and was meant to fill‌ the gap after ⁣the release​ of the acclaimed triple-A⁤ title. However, due ​to a variety of reasons, the⁢ game is still currently in development and is looking to be pushed back even ​further.

With no ‍set launch date in‍ the immediate future, fans of the Xbox exclusive replacement will have to wait for further updates to know when​ they can expect the title to launch. Microsoft has promised to continue to update their customers when⁣ progress has been made.

The original game that was ⁢being replaced is expected to remain available on⁢ Xbox consoles for the ⁣foreseeable future, as Microsoft assures‌ fans ​that the new game is still in ‍the works.


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