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Doug Bowser Enjoys Stellar Year of Gaming: Experiences All Current Platforms

Doug Bowser Enjoys Stellar Year of Gaming: Experiences All Current Platforms

Doug Bowser ‌Enjoys Stellar⁤ Year of Gaming: Experiences ⁣All ​Current Platforms

Doug Bowser, a ⁣lifelong gamer and president of Nintendo of America, ⁤had a remarkable 2020, playing and experiencing⁤ all of the current gaming​ platforms. As president of Nintendo, Bowser senior bring Nintendo to the world while⁤ playing and exploring the gaming industry.

From gaming off Xbox console at home to traveling ‍for the launch of the highly⁣ anticipated Playstation 5 and the Nintendo⁢ Switch Lite, Bowser wasted no time getting his hands on all of the newest gaming consoles. He even took the​ time to feature various indie⁤ and VR developers on the Nintendo direct stream.

Bowser⁢ also experienced a plethora of different games. Though‌ he stayed true ‍to Nintendo titles⁤ such as “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” he⁢ also branched out and enjoyed games including Microsoft’s “Flight ⁣Simulator” and a virtual reality game from Fast Travel Games, “Apex Construct.”

Between‍ all of the releases, Bowser still managed to get​ in plenty of gaming sessions and keep everyone up-to-date with all of the progress. ‍He also got in some community gaming with the kids in the Nintendo office.

When asked how his year went, Bowser spoke positively ‍about the ⁢various platforms:⁢ “I‍ think I’ve ⁢experienced enough games on all‍ the platforms ⁤that I ‌now easily recognize the qualities‍ of game design and understand why certain ‌franchises are‌ so popular. It’s been​ amazing to be part of this journey.”

Over the past year, ‍Bowser had a good ‌record in‌ gaming, playing ⁤on ​a‍ variety of ⁣platforms and getting to experience all of‍ the new releases. He confirmed that he will be ⁣continuing his gaming journey in 2021.


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