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Fortnite 4.00 Update: Latest Patch Notes for 30th August 2023

Fortnite 4.00 Update: Latest Patch Notes for 30th August 2023

Fortnite 4.00 Update:‍ Latest Patch Notes for 30th August 2023

Fortnite’s latest update to version 4.00 is now‍ live on all ⁢platforms.‌ This ⁢new patch brings a number of ⁤exciting features and updates‌ to the game, including new content, beguiling blocks, and⁢ more! Here, we’re going to take a look at the latest patch notes for⁣ this update, so​ you ‌can be sure to stay up to⁣ date with‍ all the changes and additions.

New⁢ Content and Features

  • Added new‌ tiers to the Battle Pass system, allowing players ‌to ‍unlock more rewards than ever before.
  • New beguiling ‌blocks have been added to the map, granting players‌ bonuses for making⁤ their⁣ way into the heart‍ of ⁤the storm.
  • Various environmental objects and ‍structures have been added to spruce up ‍the ‌map.
  • New skins, emotes, weapons, and other goodies ⁣have been added‍ to⁢ the item shop at varying prices.
  • A new safety feature ⁣has been added that will teleport players to the nearest spot of safety when their health reaches critical levels.

Performance Improvements

  • Networking ⁤has been ⁤improved to reduce​ lag and provide a smoother experience for players.
  • Render accuracy ⁢for player-made structures has been⁢ improved, making the world more vibrant and⁤ alive.
  • Building speed and player mobility has been improved to allow for​ quicker reaction times ⁤and more efficient building.
  • Various crashes ‌and⁢ other ⁤client issues have⁤ been ⁣addressed. These improvements should provide a ⁤more stable experience for ​all players.

Bug Fixes and⁤ Miscellaneous

  • An issue causing weapon durability to decrease too⁤ quickly ⁣has been fixed.
  • An issue causing the wrong loot ⁢to drop ‌when using the Item Duplication Glitch⁣ has been ​fixed.
  • Various other glitches and exploits have been fixed.
  • Visual and audio quality have been improved.

This update should hopefully improve your Fortnite experience and get you ready for more exciting challenges and rewards. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and patch notes in the future!


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