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Level-5 Gets Ready to Reveal Release Dates for New Titles

Level-5 Gets Ready to Reveal Release Dates for New Titles

The Japanese​ video game developer, Level-5, has been​ busy preparing for their upcoming Lineup of titles. With a slate of games‍ already announced, Level-5 is ready‌ to finally start revealing release‌ dates for these titles. For starters, Level-5 recently revealed that the mysterious “Project Ace” will be released ​later this ⁤year.

Details about ⁢the game are ⁣currently ⁣scarce, but it appears to be ‍an action-RPG with elements of ​open world exploration. Level-5 stated⁢ that the game‌ will feature a unique story, characters, and environments. They also promised that players will be able to experience cooperative play world ‌wide.

While Project​ Ace may ‌be the first​ title to see release ‌this year, ‍more games are scheduled to follow. Some of the most anticipated are Snack⁣ World, Little Battlers eXperience,⁣ and Inazuma Eleven.

Snack World is an action-RPG game with ​chibi style character designs and unique dungeon puzzles. Players will⁢ be able to customize various characters with their own choices of gear and skills. Little Battlers eXperience is the newest game in the ⁣”Little Battlers ⁣Wars” series. Players can collect⁤ and customize‍ 3D robots to fight in a series of fast-paced ⁢battles. ⁣Lastly, Inazuma Eleven is a ⁢popular‍ soccer series from Level-5. This time, the game is said to⁣ focus on​ online⁢ play with clubs battling against each other.

No exact release dates have been announced yet, however Level-5 has‌ said that they will start revealing‍ the release dates ⁤for ‌these upcoming titles soon. With all these‌ exciting titles on the horizon, it’s‌ clear that Level-5 is set ​to make this upcoming year a memorable one for fans of Japanese⁤ video games.


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