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Valve Predicts Lack of Steam Deck Upgrade For At Least Two Years

Valve Predicts Lack of Steam Deck Upgrade For At Least Two Years

Valve has recently announced that​ Steam Deck upgrade will be put on the backburner‌ until at least two years from ⁣now. The company, best known for its⁣ digital distribution platform,‍ has cited ‍a prioritization of other projects over the deck⁣ upgrade for their decision.

Valve’s CEO, Gabe Newell, cited the ⁤increasing demand for⁤ high-end virtual reality hardware as the ‍primary reason for the postponement.⁢ “We ‍have to devote our‌ resources elsewhere right now,” ⁣he said. “We just don’t ⁣have the capacity to‌ focus on the Steam Deck ​upgrade at the moment, it’s‌ unfortunate but that’s the way things ​are.”

The announcement has come as‍ a disappointment to many avid Steam users, who have been hoping to see a significant update ‍to ⁣the platform. Currently, the ‌Steam Deck interface is a decade old, with no major changes⁣ since its launch in 2008.

Despite the news,‌ Newell assured ‍users that ‍the company ​still has plans to improve the Steam experience. He mentioned⁤ a ‍“robust multi-platform service” as one of Valve’s top priorities. He also expressed that ⁣the company is exploring ways to make the ⁤Steam Deck more accessible, with better navigational options and ⁤a better user ​experience.

Although details ⁤of the purported service are‌ still ‍few and far between, Newell did share a few insights. He confirmed that the new service, codenamed “Valve 2.0,” is expected to come with a completely revamped user interface, improved social functions, and better support for VR and mixed reality—all⁣ features users have‍ been longing for.

For now,‌ Valve users can only hope and wait for official details about ​Valve 2.0. As for an upgrade to ⁤the Steam Deck,​ it⁤ looks like ‍fans will have⁣ to wait at least two more years before they can expect any major changes.


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