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A.K.I.’s ‘Personality & Poison’: Street Fighter 6 Character Select Screen Animation

A.K.I.’s ‘Personality & Poison’: Street Fighter 6 Character Select Screen Animation

A.K.I.’s ‘Personality & Poison’: Street ‍Fighter 6 Character Select Screen Animation⁢ is a great way to‌ immerse yourself into the world of Street ⁣Fighter. Featuring a unique animation style, this⁢ selection screen features⁤ a line-up ⁢of characters you can choose from, all with their own distinct personalities ​and abilities. Each character has their own‌ unique moves‍ and abilities, so you can​ pick a character that⁤ fits ⁣your play​ style.⁣ In addition to the characters, you ⁤also get to see ⁢various scenes ⁢and characters from‌ Street Fighter ‌thanks to⁢ the animation.‍ This all⁣ comes together to create a vivid and captivating experience for any fan of ⁣the franchise.

The ‍animation for this selection screen is the work of renowned⁣ animator‍ A.K.I. The animation‌ has⁢ a distinctively Japanese style, combining vibrant colors ⁤with a unique art style that gives the ‌animation an almost magical feel. The characters move across​ the screen with a distinct style and⁣ fluidity, bringing ‍them to ⁢life in a way that just ‍wouldn’t be possible with⁤ static ⁤images. Each character also has their own entrance animation, so‍ you can enjoy the full scale ⁤of A.K.I.’s animating. The animations are ⁤also highly ⁤detailed, with the fighters displaying a wide range of emotions and⁤ their own distinct move sets.

Aside from just the animation, ‘Personality & Poison’ also features some great⁣ music. You can listen to remixes ⁣of classic songs from the series as‍ well as ‌all ‍new tracks. This soundtrack helps to make⁢ the game‌ feel even more immersive,⁣ adding a layer of depth to the already captivating visuals. The music is quality, setting the stage for an exciting⁣ battle with the one you choose from the lineup.

Overall,⁢ ‘Personality & Poison’ is an amazing animation that ​brings ​the world of‌ Street Fighter to ⁣life. With⁢ vibrant visuals and great music, it’s a great ‌way to get in the mood⁤ for a battle. Plus, it has a certain charm and‌ uniqueness to it that makes it stand out from ‌the crowd. If⁣ you’re a fan of‌ the franchise, then this selection screen​ animation ‍is a​ must-see.


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