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Valve Predicts Lack of Steam Deck Upgrade For At Least Two Years

Valve has recently announced that​ Steam Deck upgrade will be put on the backburner‌ until at least two years from ⁣now. The company, best known for its⁣ digital distribution platform,‍ has cited ‍a prioritization of other projects over the deck⁣…

C0M Exposes Lack of Respect for EG’s Valorant Team Amid Negative Reports

As major gaming company C0M recently received ​backlash for their lack of respect towards their⁤ esports team,⁢ “EG’s Valorant Team,” ‍fans have​ increasingly become aware‌ of C0M’s questionable decisions. Recent reports reveal C0M’s attitude towards EG’s Valorant Team has been…