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T1 Bolsters Roster With Three New Players including f0rsaken’s Brother

T1 Bolsters Roster With Three New Players including f0rsaken’s Brother

It seems that T1’s once⁤ dry roster++ is finally starting to show signs⁣ of life ⁤as the⁣ organization announced⁤ on its official Twitter account that it ⁢has added⁢ three new⁢ players to its roster.⁢ These players‌ are​ none other than CS:GO professionals Mud, zQ5, and 2Fa, who just recently made the move ⁤from⁢ NRR. Interesting⁢ enough,​ zQ5 is​ the brother of the infamous f0rsaken, the player who​ was ​banned from the active roster ​of Team Singularity in the wake of CS:GO match-fixing scandal.

Mud is an experienced player from Argentina, who has been​ featured in many⁤ CS:GO tournaments in ⁣Latin America. The 21-year-old has been⁣ a​ part of the ⁤NRR squad ⁣for ⁤about⁣ two years. He ​now ⁢swaps that ​for a chance to showcase his ‌skills on⁢ the ‍biggest stages of CS:GO. Mud has stated that he’s motivated to prove his worth both​ individually and as a ⁣team member.

zQ5 is no ‍stranger to the competitive CS:GO community. He and ⁤his brother‍ went through almost‍ all South America and North⁣ America tournaments together, ⁢and ultimately even secured the ESL LA⁤ League’s title. It only makes sense for him to join T1,⁢ considering ⁤this organization is ‍supposedly going to enter the Latin‌ American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

2Fa, despite being the least experienced ​player in this trio, ‍is still said to be a solid acquisition for ‌T1. He ⁢has played for the ⁢Argentinian-based⁤ organization NRR for ‍about ⁤seven⁤ months. During his run,⁣ he won several tournaments, and even participated in the DreamHack Open Rio.

T1 is slowly regaining‌ its active roster before its upcoming tournaments and LANs. It seems highly ‌likely that the team is going to blaze through all of ⁢its tournaments ⁤in ⁢2021,‌ considering that many consider ​the current roster to be ‌one ⁢of ‍the strongest among the Latin⁣ America teams.


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