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Layoffs Hit Striking Distance Studios Amid Callisto Protocol Development

Layoffs Hit Striking Distance Studios Amid Callisto Protocol Development

It appears the development ​of Striking Distance Studios’ upcoming horror-themed adventure title, Callisto Protocol, ‍has been halted by layoffs impacting the studio’s staff. Sources report that at least half of the studio’s employees present have been⁢ let go in‌ a‌ brief but devastating bout ​of layoffs ​that some suspect ​is related⁢ to the⁢ game’s development cycle.

The layoffs occurred in a⁢ single day⁢ where staff members gathered for what appeared to be a general meeting in the morning, which quickly unraveled into a chaotic scene of dismay and shock. Most staff members awaiting their fate in the Central Hall of the San Leandro-based sight have⁣ since been released,‌ although sources cite that the studio​ has still employed a few of its​ members to assist with ⁣tying up loose ends ​and other related ‍tasks.

Striking Distance Studios had kept much of its development processes and decisions kept under tight wraps, leading‍ to speculation that the‍ studio was facing financial obstacles and‌ narrative issues as it looked to bring Callisto Protocol⁢ to life. Although there has been much criticism associated ⁣with the supposed financial issues the studio has encountered, the extent of the layoffs indicates that the studio was in danger of completely stalling‍ production.

Recently, the studio released an official statement to the media to ⁢address the layoffs and the speculation surrounding the development of Callisto Protocol:

“We want our users to know that while we have ​had to make difficult decisions impacting our⁣ staff, ⁢we remain dedicated to⁤ the ​success of the Callisto Protocol development team, and we are still hard at work ⁢on the game’s development process. Despite the ⁣change in resources, we will stay committed to crafting a unique horror experience that will challenge players in ways that have never been done before.”

It appears that despite ⁣the layoffs, Striking Distance Studios‍ still has its sights set on ⁢the successful release of Callisto Protocol. However, for ⁣those impacted, the studio’s decision may carry a much darker message about the future of the game and the competency of its leadership.


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