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Living the Super Mario Life: My Attempt at a Nintendo Week

Living the Super Mario Life: My Attempt at a Nintendo Week

Growing up, I was an avid Nintendo fan. I remember spending summer holidays glued to my NES playing Super Mario Bros. Even after all these years, I’m still a huge fan and I recently had a thought: what would it be like to live like Mario for a week? So, I decided to take on this challenge and find out.

The week began with a trip to the store to stock up on all my favourite Nintendo goodies. I found a Mario hat, some action figures and even a few power up stars. Then I was ready to begin my Nintendo-fuelled week.

My first day was all about getting into character. I put on my Mario hat and set about doing some of his classic moves. I jumped, side-scrolled and even practiced some karting. It was intense, but it put me in the mood for the week ahead.

The next few days were spent playing various Nintendo games and recreating as many Super Mario levels as I could. I even tried to make my own version of one of the levels. It was incredibly challenging, but it also was an amazing experience.

On the last day, I decided to wrap things up by attending a Nintendo convention. This was my chance to really show off my Mario skills, and show the world what living a Super Mario life is all about. It was an amazing experience, and I was glad to get the chance to share my love of Nintendo with others.

Living a Super Mario life for a week was quite an experience. It was intense, but it also made me realise how much I love Nintendo and how much I still enjoy the classic games. I can’t wait to do it again.


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