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Unleashing the Bugs in ‘Gran Turismo 7’: An Online Time Trial Guide

Unleashing the Bugs in ‘Gran Turismo 7’: An Online Time Trial Guide

Love Gran Turismo 7? This fast-paced PlayStation 4⁢ game is chockfull of exciting‌ motor racing thrills and spills. However, this game also comes with its share ​of glitches, exploits, and bugs over the years. Don’t worry – if ⁣you’re not an experienced gamer, this guide will fill you‌ in on how ‌to handle all those pesky bugs, and how to get an edge on your competition in time trial ⁣races.

Spotting Glitches

The first and most important‌ thing to do is to spot any⁢ potential glitches that can occur in Gran Turismo 7 while you’re in the time trial ⁤races. Keep an eye out for bugs during the loading screen or when the simulation has been ⁣paused. Stutter issues,‌ sudden game crashes, or frozen ⁣menus are good indicators of a glitch. Pay attention to your ‍competition, too – if they’re suddenly outpacing you in the race, they’ve likely found an exploitable bug.

Exploiting ‌Glitches

Exploiting glitches in Gran Turismo 7 can ‌give you the advantage in time trial races. Glitches can be used for various shortcuts, making it possible to complete a lap in a fraction of the time ‍it would‌ normally ⁣take. Utilizing them ​can give you a serious edge over your opponents, making it ⁤easier for you to get the best possible time. Of ⁣course, it’s important to note that exploiting a glitch​ can disqualify you from a race, so use‌ it wisely and with caution!

Reporting Glitches

If you find a bug or exploit in Gran Turismo 7, don’t keep​ it to yourself! ⁤Sharing your findings ⁤with fellow players and the developer can help make ⁢the game better for everyone, not just you. Reporting a⁢ bug or exploit to the developer will ensure that it’s fixed quickly​ and efficiently. This can also result in in-game rewards such as exclusive cars or items, so it’s definitely worth doing.

Using Glory Laps

Glory Laps are a great way to practice your time trial racing in Gran Turismo 7. They allow you to practice ⁣and perfect a⁤ single lap without the pressure of racing.‍ Doing⁤ this will help you to master the art of time ⁢trialing and even find potential exploits in the process. It’s worth noting that glory​ laps are not eligible for participating in rankings or online events, so ⁢you will be at a​ disadvantage if you’re primarily focused on‍ them.


Gran Turismo 7 is a great game for both racing veterans and newcomers alike. With this guide, you ⁢should have a better understanding of how to handle bugs and exploit glitches in the⁢ time trial mode. Use this knowledge to get ahead in online events, and even help make the game better for everyone ‍with your bug reports!


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