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Explore the Latest Changes Coming to VALORANT With Patch 7.02

Explore the Latest Changes Coming to VALORANT With Patch 7.02

The⁣ developers of Riot Games’ first-person shooter, VALORANT, have released Patch 7.02 which includes a number of⁣ positive changes to competitive play. The patch includes updates across a range of game modes as well as general adjustments to powers and abilities.

The patch offers a brand-new ⁣map, called ‘Icebox’ which is set on‍ an icy planet and⁢ is said to be extremely cold.‍ Players will ‍now have eight maps to choose from which is sure to ​keep games exciting. Players will also‍ benefit ‍from improved graphical adjustments to ⁢the environment which show a more realistic feel.

The patch also comes with a range of ‍new features that add to the existing list of abilities that players already have access to. One of these features is a brand-new Operator ​– the ‘Vent’ – which has the capability to ⁢shoot a powerful ballistic round that causes⁤ heavy damage to opponents. ​The Vent can also shoot ⁢over walls, which can be used strategically to gain an advantage over enemies in a‍ number of ways.

Players can ⁤now also take advantage of a ‘deck system’ ‍which allows them to equip tactics and abilities to the Viper’s poisonous snake, allowing players to use powerful combinations that can help out in a variety of ⁤situations.

The⁤ patch also brings balance changes ⁢to weapons and abilities across the board, including a powerful ‘winter sniper rifle,’‌ which can now be used during winter weather. In addition, the patch brings a number of quality-of-life changes and bug⁤ fixes, which help improve the ​overall⁢ user experience for⁣ new and veteran players.

Overall, the 7.02 patch definitely brings a variety of additions which will help keep players engaged and on the lookout for new strategies and​ tactics to gain an ⁣advantage on the battlefield. With these new changes, the team at Riot Games definitely has something to be proud of!


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