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The End of an Era: ‘The Crew’ Motors Into Retirement

The End of an Era: ‘The Crew’ Motors Into Retirement

Good racing games⁣ come and go,⁢ but few can stand the test of ⁣time. The Crew, a critically-acclaimed open-world ​racing game‌ about⁢ a rag-tag‍ group of ⁢street racers trying to⁤ show their‍ worth by beating the‌ best riders in the world, has ⁣been around for ⁤nearly ⁢8 years.⁤ Sadly, that era will be coming to‍ an end, as the⁤ publisher, Ubisoft, recently‍ announced that The Crew would be retired.

The⁣ Crew, ​released ​back in 2014 ⁤for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, ‍and PC, puts you in the shoes of ⁢a street-racing prodigy hoping to make his way to⁣ the top of the racing world.​ You start by⁤ taking on small crew runs,‌ delivering cargo,⁣ and running races around a massive virtual ⁣version of the U.S. with your partner or three‌ other ‍human ⁤players. As you progress, you’ll acquire better crews and cars as you take on bigger jobs, like raiding rivals,‌ raiding enemy crews, and even FBI takedowns.

It’s bittersweet that a game with such a long and successful⁤ run is now coming ‌to an end. Its enthusiasts are sad to see it‌ go, but Ubisoft urged ⁣their fans to “celebrate the legacy ⁢of The Crew” as the game had​ been a great success. Although the game will no longer be ⁣available for play, it​ will live on in the memories of its⁢ fans.

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft has retired one​ of its games. Previous ‍titles were retired in 2016 and 2017,‍ and it ‍appears that⁣ the ‌company will‌ continue to make changes to keep its ⁣catalog up to date with ⁢the latest​ trends. Fans⁢ of The Crew, however, are ‌still mourning its loss, as the ​experience supplied by The Crew was unmatched by any ​other racing ⁤game.

No official ‍successor has been named, but ‍it’s likely that a new game will ⁤soon be announced ⁤to⁤ replace The Crew. Regardless, ⁣the developers at⁤ Ubisoft have ensured that The Crew will always remain a ⁤part of gamers’ hearts.


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