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UK Players Rekindle Nostalgia with Classic Call of Duty Titles in July

UK Players Rekindle Nostalgia with Classic Call of Duty Titles in July

The call of duty franchise, developed by Activision, has long been considered one of the most iconic and successful ‍first-person shooter series in ⁢gaming. Much to the delight of​ long-time fans, Call of‌ Duty has recently released some of its classic titles ⁤on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms this July. Players ‍can now relive the nostalgic feeling⁢ of⁢ the earlier titles they cherished⁣ in ‌high definition.

The ‍brilliant re-make of some⁢ of the series’ earliest titles has produced improved ⁣visuals, enhanced audio, refined controls and in some, split-screen functionality. Thus, fans can now⁣ contemplate some of their favorite ‍classic‍ characters⁤ and game-plays in crystal-clear graphics. Classic titles like ‍Call of Duty‌ 2, Call of Duty ​3, and Call⁢ of ⁣Duty 4: Modern Warfare have⁤ also been ⁣available with backwards compatibility since launch in 2015. The titles are being sold⁢ for £14.99 each on the UK store.

Apart from⁣ the classic Call of Duty titles, the franchise has also been released in remastered form for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Recent remastered titles like ‍Call of Duty: Modern​ Warfare⁤ 2‍ and ⁢Call of Duty: Modern Warfare​ 3 also had their original titles included. This allowed players​ to gain insight and⁣ experience into the engrossing and thrilling story-lines of the original versions ​of games as prepare for the special⁢ remastered ⁢releases.

Call of Duty also ‍released a free-to-play Battle Royale game on⁤ PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this July. ⁤Infinity ⁢Ward’s Warzone provides gamers with‍ a vast battlefield and an exciting 150-player⁣ battle royale⁤ experience. This adds to​ Call of ⁣Duty’s drastic changes in gameplay, ‍departing from the traditional linear gameplay of previous games, and incorporating more diversity in their earlier titles.

The retro releases of classic games ‍as ‍well as the release of the modernized ⁤special editions and Warzone, will attract old and the new fans alike. Fans of the series⁢ can explore the franchise’s ​classic titles and consider the online possibilities ahead‌ of them with Battle Royale.


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