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VALORANT Pros Respond to the Release of the New Sentinel Agent

VALORANT Pros Respond to the Release of the New Sentinel Agent

In the ever-evolving world of VALORANT, the introduction of the new Sentinel agent has ignited conversation amongst the competitive gaming community. The new agent has been released as part of the game’s Act 2 episode content update, and it has spurred some strong opinions from the pros of the VALORANT scene.

Phenom, a pro VALORANT player for Sentinels, quickly released a statement on Twitter in response to the new agent. He expressed excitement for the character, citing its potential to bring a “whole new array of strategies to the scene.”

Riot’s resident VALORANT analyst, FionnOnFire, also had a response to the introduction of the Sentinel agent. He shared a humorous tweet featuring a photo of the agent modelling its different skins, and said that it was “shaping up to be one of the most iconic agents yet.”

Other pro VALORANT players such as TenZ and mCe also chimed in, sharing clips of their first ever games with the Sentinel agent. TenZ called it a “blast” playing the agent and mCe admitted he was “blown away by the strong capabilities of the Sentinel”.

Although the prevailing sentiment amongst pros is overall excitement, the agent still has to prove itself in competitive play. Players like Sinatraa have yet to give their opinion on Sentinel, expressing a desire to experiment more with the agent before giving his verdict.

Ultimately, the feeling surrounding the introduction of Sentinel to VALORANT’s roster of agents is generally positive. Time will tell if the agent is embraced by the community and proves itself as a valuable addition to the game.


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