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Top 10 Free Games to Enjoy on Playstation 5 Now!

Top 10 Free Games to Enjoy on Playstation 5 Now!

Top 10 Free Games to Enjoy on Playstation 5 Now!

  • Astro’s Playroom – the exclusive, fun-packed adventure that is launched with PS5. Enjoy exploring the depths of Astro’s Playroom, with its stunning visuals, unique platformer challenges, and unlockable rewards.
  • Fortnite – join Fortnite’s vibrant community and battle for victory on the game’s many islands. Fortnite offers intense action, building, and exploration that is sure to get your blood pumping.
  • Call of Duty: Warzone – pick up your virtual boomstick and join the massive online battle royale game. With its realistic graphics and fast-paced, intense battles, Warzone is the definitive online multiplayer experience.
  • Rocket League – the quintessential competitive game. Use your driving and shooting skills to dominate the pitch, all while enjoying some of the most vibrant and frantic customisable cars around.
  • Apex Legends – jump into the arena for ultimate battle royale action. Choose from a huge selection of strikingly varied legends, and enjoy the team-based dynamics that have made it one of the biggest games on the planet.
  • Destiny 2 – an incredible sci-fi romp through space. Unlock powerful weapons, take command of your ship, and embark on an exciting intergalactic journey.
  • Warframe – a butt-kicking, ninja-themed, space-combat romp. Unlock powerful new abilities and weapons, and engage in some genuinely gripping sci-fi battles.
  • NBA 2K21 – the virtual court favourite. Feel the thrill of fast-paced basketball, customise your dream team and dominate the competition.
  • Dauntless – a thrilling online action-RPG. Take on the role of a slayer, and embark on an epic quest to take down huge and formidable Behemoths.
  • Tetris Effect – the classic block-busting classic, now with a stunning soundtrack. Enjoy the intense action of the classic Tetris, but in 3D.

Whether you’re into long adventures, fast-paced battles, or classic puzzle action, Playstation 5 offers something for every kind of gamer. With all of these amazing free offerings, there’s something for everyone, no matter what kind of games you like. Enjoy these massive classics on your Playstation 5 today!


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