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Low-Poly School Management Simulation “Let’s School” Coming to PC July 27

Low-Poly School Management Simulation “Let’s School” Coming to PC July 27

Developer Lab Cat Games has announced their entry into the school-management sim market with Let’s School, a low-poly 3D game coming to PC on July 27th. With a focus on lighthearted charm and creative freedom, Let’s School strives to provide a new and unique take on the school themed game.

In Let’s School, you play as the new superintendant of a school of adorable anthropomorphic animals. Your goal is to “use your managerial skills to create a dynamic and thriving learning environment”. To do so, you’ll need to manage the school’s budget, hire staff, and even give the school mascot a makeover. The game also features various locales to explore such as a library, gymnasium, and science lab.

The art style of Let’s School reflects its playful tone. Charming low-poly 3D character models are simple yet full of life and energy. Colorful environments help to bring the school to life, while the game’s soundtrack features a collection of upbeat tunes.

Players can enjoy Let’s School in either single player or splitscreen co-op. The game also encourages its players to share their unique school creations via a built-in screenshot feature, so they can show off their unique strategies and strategies for success.

Featuring a charming art style and laid-back gameplay, Let’s School looks to be a welcome addition to the school-management sim genre. It will be available on PC on July 27th for an MSRP of $17.99.


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