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Cat Quest III: Fuurst Look Gameplay Trailer Debuts on Gematsu

Cat Quest III: Fuurst Look Gameplay Trailer Debuts on Gematsu

Cat Quest III: Fuurst Look ‍Gameplay Trailer Debuts on Gematsu
Developers The Gentlebros ⁢have officially released the first gameplay trailer‌ for the upcoming Cat Quest III titled Fuurst Look on Gematsu. As part of the franchise, the game will continue the adventures of two cats, adopting a new storyline which focuses on twin siblings and evil foes.

The trailer reveals the new art style and a look at some of the new characters. Taking place in two distinctly different worlds, the journey‌ follows two kings trying ⁢to save an entire continent in ‌peril. Players will have access ⁢to a variety of different ways to customize and upgrade their feline adventurers such as three main classes, new equipment, and magical spells.

Cat Quest ⁢III ‌will feature cooperative multiplayer‍ for up to two players with the ability to ​build, train, and battle side by side. Keeping the co-op aspect in mind,⁢ special bonuses for co-op players will be available,​ such as bonuses for defeating powerful monsters and taking on difficult dungeons. With a unique art style ⁢and two-player co-op, Cat Quest III stretches the vast world of Cat Quest even further.

Cat Quest III: Fuurst ⁣Look is set to launch on PC in late ⁣July. A console launch is planned,​ but no date has yet been⁤ announced. In the meantime, fans ​can check out the game’s official website ⁤for more information and the trailer for Cat Quest III: Fuurst Look on Gematsu.⁣


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