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Todd Howard Talks ‘Starfield’ and Its ‘Unique Twist’ on a New Game Plus Mode

Todd Howard Talks ‘Starfield’ and Its ‘Unique Twist’ on a New Game Plus Mode

⁢Bethesda Game Studios ⁤director Todd Howard recently spoke with the⁢ media about his upcoming venture into the ‍world⁢ of space exploration with the ⁤highly-anticipated ⁣game Starfield. As the first game ​in more than twenty-five years to ‍take​ players to a new region of space, Howard⁢ promises a “unique twist”​ when it ‌comes to the game’s new ⁢game plus ​mode.

In a recent ⁤interview, ‌Howard discussed how ‍Starfield’s new game plus mode will differ⁤ from any game he has worked​ on ​before. He ⁤noted that while it‍ will feature some traditional elements from the various other Bethesda Game‌ Studios titles, Howard said that this⁤ new game plus mode will take ⁢a different approach that will⁤ hopefully ‍provide players with an alternate​ way ⁢to experience the game.

“When you play ​a new game plus,‌ you’re playing through the content and features as if you hadn’t done them before, but⁢ you also know more and you ​understand more, so ​it changes the ⁣way you move through the world,” Howard said.‌ “We think it gives players a unique way to‌ experience the story, and it will be a big part of the overall package⁤ for Starfield. We think​ it will be fun ⁤and offer a unique twist on the traditional game plus modes you typically see.”

Howard also went ​on to discussing ​the world of ​Starfield ‌and its many possibilities. According ‍to him, the game will feature a wide range of different factions, weapon types,⁣ different environments, and a variety of choices that all stem‌ from one interconnected goal of defeating the ‌evil reigning in the universe.

“What was unique about Starfield is​ that there are no⁣ clear, hard⁢ choices,” Howard​ noted. “It isn’t just about good versus evil. It’s about understanding it all and then working from that point forward.‌ That’s​ something that’s not just about mechanical ⁣complexity,​ but also about story and emotional complexity.”

In conclusion, ⁣Todd Howard’s upcoming game looks to be one of ​the most exciting ​games to date. Combining an innovative new game plus mode with an intriguing universe of possibilities, ⁣it is certain that⁣ Starfield will be something quite special.


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