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Modders Hilariously Replace Todd Howard’s Face With Starfield Player Avatars

Modders Hilariously Replace Todd Howard’s Face With Starfield Player Avatars

Modders ‍Hilariously Replace Todd Howard’s Face With ‌Starfield Player Avatars

The latest Bethesda title, Starfield, has gamers around the world ⁢eagerly awaiting⁣ its release, but some have‌ decided to ⁣get creative before the game even launches. Since the ‌game’s announcement, modders have been hard⁢ at work replacing‌ Bethesda’s director, Todd Howard, with Starfield player avatars.

The modding⁢ community ‍has been ‍eagerly ⁢creating bizarre ⁣and humorous ‍mods for various Bethesda titles, but this one takes the cake. From replacing Todd’s⁣ head with the player character, to even putting the character’s face on the ‌Bethesda logo, these mods are a perfect combination of creativity‍ and humor.

For those ‌unfamiliar with the modding ​process, here’s how it works: modders⁣ create composite images‍ of Todd Howard using different parts and pieces​ from the Starfield models ‌and textures. They then place these images into the in-game files,‌ allowing gamers‌ to replace Todd’s face with ⁢the avatar of their choosing.

Not only is this mod ⁤humorous, but it’s ⁣also a ‌testament to ⁢the passion⁣ of the‌ gaming community. Even ‌before⁤ Starfield hits the shelves, modders are already hard at work creating silly and entertaining content. From improved textures to entire game overhauls, the creative possibilities with modding are absolutely​ endless.

The modding community is legendary⁣ for its ambition ‍and creativity, and this new​ mod showcasing Todd Howard’s Starfield makeover is just the beginning.‌ Who knows what else⁢ these modders might create before the game’s official launch?⁢ Whatever the outcome, we can be sure that the modding community will be ⁢providing us with entertainment and inspiration ⁤for years‌ to come.


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